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My practice focuses on painting and drawing, both of which allow me to communicate on the ideas of the impermanent nature of things.

My current work takes its inspiration from the memento mori traditions in both 17th century Dutch still life paintings and the ideas of the public anatomical theatres in Renaissance Age Europe. I tend to paint the assemblage of two main subjects: imaginary botanical species and human body forms or organs, which are carefully implanted and hardly visible at first glance. Despite the depictions of floral abundance, its beautiful forms and feast of colours, the paintings possess a darker side and have an autobiographical element, rooted in emotional loss. This relates back to the idea of an inner experience, which I was working on in previous years, but from a different angle: the physical and psychological experiences of how different emotions and states affect transition and metamorphosis within; referencing Descartes’ ideas on the dualism of mind and body and Sartre’s point of being.


I choose to work from my own imagination, merging memories from observation and my own life experiences. I often apply oil paints directly onto the flat surface, without any preparatory sketches, relying totally on my abilities and instincts. I paint in layers, sometimes reworking my canvases and as throughout the process some elements vanish, some are left exposed. Nothing evaporates, it takes a different form of presence. That is the significant point for me here: the evolution of making a painting as images are eclipsed, just as in nature life cycles bring about a constant flow of change and where the end is a new beginning.

at the opening Solo show Formogramma.jpg




2015-2017   MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London
2008-2012   1-st Class Honours  BA(Hons) Fine Art, Central Saint Martin’s
2006-2007   BA(Hons) Contemporary Art Practice, University of Art, Hull 



Solo shows

2017  Anthophobia, Formogramma Contemporary Art Gallery, Russia
2015  Being, Hundred Years Gallery, London
2014  The Purple Gate,Culture House in the UK, London
2013  Eaters & Eaten, performance by Akleriah, collab with Anna Kompaniets, London



Awards & Prizes

2017  Finalist The Khojaly Peace Prize for Art, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London
2016  Finalist HIX ART AWARD, London
2016  Award & Prize Collection Red & the Aitmatov's Academy, London
2008  Award & Prize by Browne Smith Baker, The Ferens Art Gallery, Hull




The Portico Library & Gallery Manchester, UK , COTY NY, Wella Germany, National Centre for Contemporary Art, ROSIZO Volga Region, Russia , Formogramma Contemporary Art Gallery, Russia, Hundred Years Gallery, London , Royal College of Art, Kensington Art Bar, London, Rossotrudnichestvo office embassy in the UK,  Factor-M, Browne Smith Baker, UK

Private collections across the UK, France, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, India, South Korea



Talks, Seminars, Symposiums

Artist Talk, Wella, COTY, London
Artist talk during  the opening of the "Opera Pavilion" at the Xth Shiryaevo Biennale, Volga Region, NCCA, Russia 
​Presentation, Artist's Laboratory, Shiryaevo Biennale, Zhiguli, NCCA
Public Talk about William Hogart's art & life, Fine Art Museum Samara 
Panel Discussion & Presentation followed by artist's talk, The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester
Imagining The Volga, Discussion with Evgeniy Strelkov, geographical space& place in art, Pushkin House, London
Lecture, Seminar, Formogramma art gallery, Samara, Russia
Artist's talk & Presentation, Royal College of Art, London
Symposium, Krzhizhanovsky's writing, Pushkin House, London
Seminar, artist's talk, West Ealing Art Projects, London
Symposium, Artist's talk on J J Ballard, Yinka Shonibare's Project Space, London 

Texts, Publications

ART in Pandemics, magazine, RussianUK, Issue April 2020, UK
Manifesta 11, Cabareth der Kunstler Zunfthaus Voltaire Book, 2018
SGPress, Interview "Russian artist about Shiryaevo Biennale" 23.09.2018
GQ.Ru works featured for the ALARM Salon art auction, 04.06. 2018, Moscow
Kommersant Style magazine, "17 Moments of Spring"  Contemporary Art Guide, page 23, Issue 01.03.2018, Moscow, Russia
L'Appartement, review on art auction ALARM SALON in Moscow, 30.11.2017
Sobaka.Ru, "The Beauty by English taste", Interview, 03.09.2017, Samara
#Supercommunity, ten texts for the project, published by the Royal College of Art, 2017, London
Into the Void, arts & literature magazine, Dublin, Issue 3, 25.02.2017; ISSUE 6, 25.10.2017, Ireland
VolgaNews, newspaper, review, 14. 08. 2017, Russia
'Book of Abstract', 2014, ed.Anastasios Maragiannis, p.257 on collaborative project with Laura Dekker
PULSE LONDON, newspaper, interview, 20.10.2016, UK
Central Saint Martins UAL, Interview "What is painting now?" as BA Fine Art Alumni, 2013, UK
MAKE8ELIEVE, art magazine, issue 11, June, 2017, Switzerland
Designer Catalogue, Biophilia II, Issue 1, Spring, 2017, KI Europe, London, UK


Residencies 2013-present 

Development Art Project, WELLA, London, 28 June 2019
Creative Laboratory Residency at the X-Shiryaevo Biennale, NCCA, Volga Region, Russia 16-27 Aug 2018
Research & development, The Portico Library, Manchester April, May 2018
Re-United, Moscow, 20-28 Dec 2016
The Intruder, Zubovka Village, Volga region, Russia, 2013
Psychotropic House, XAP group Guest Project at Yinka Shonibare’s Project Space, London, Jan 2014
Artist’s Zoo, LIVE PROJECT, West Ealing Art Centre, London, May 2013


Selected Group Shows


Ares, Cromwell Place Gallery x OHSH Projects, cur. HenryHussey 30.03-08.04 London

Generator, Bobinska Brownlee Gallery, 04 Mar-25 March, London


Postcards with Edge, 8 Jan-14 Jan, Visual Aids, New York

God of war, OHSH projects, cur. Henry Hussey, 10 June-16 July, London


On the strangest Sea, The Violet Hour Gallery, 18 Nov-04 Dec, London

Indian Summer, As Art Journal, 10.09-22.10, London


Central Russian Zen, documenting 20th Anniversary Shiryaevo Biennale,  Momentum Worldwide, 26.10-01.12, Berlin

May My Voice Now, 65 Years of Russian Culture at Pushkin House, cur. E. Zaytzeva, Pushkin House, 21.06-27.07, London 
A Raw Garden, Pinch Project, 14.06-14.07, The Fitzrovia gallery, London
ALARM X CHAPURIN, Art Edition Fashion, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Moscow

Campaigning for Charlotte: Wandsworth Wonder Woman, XAP collective, Wandsworth Art Festival, 3-19 May, London
Arts London Alumni Russia & Voblago,15-17March, White Studios Khokhlovka, Moscow
Stages of life, Harrow Art Centre, 28 Feb-14 March, London
Art & Science, 9-16 March, Gerald Moore Gallery, London
Set design, artworks for "Really?!" dir. Elena Rogonyan, 3-rd Annual International Film Festival, 1-3 March, N. Caroline (USA), Berlin Flash Film Festival, 13-28 Feb, Germany, Velcom Smart film festival, Belarus


Stewarts RCA Secret 2018, 30 Nov- 6 Dec, the Royal College of Art, London
​Nomandic Show, Opera Pavilion, curators Nelya&Roman Korzhovs, 07 Sept- 7 Oct, Shiryaevo, NCCA Volga Region, Russia
Glee, the 10th Shiryaevo Biennale for Contemporary Art, collaboration "Shibboleth, opera of objects&people", curators Nelya &Roman Korzhovs, 14 Aug-14 Oct,  ROSIZO NCCA, the National Centre for Contemporary Art, Volga Region, Russia
​An Exquisite Mess, curator Haley McLane, Mansfield House, 24-27 July, London
Beautiful Monsters, The Portico Library & Gallery, 18 May-30 June, Manchester
ALARM SALON Contemporary Art Auction, 28 May-4 June, Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Moscow
20x20 fundraiser project by Hospital Rooms, Griffin Gallery, 25-27 April, London
Fresh 2018, Ruralarts, The Courthouse, 2-16 March, Thirsk
Postgraduates group show, Atkinson Gallery, 19 February-17 March, Somerset
20th Annual Postcards from the Edge, VISUAL AIDS, Gallery 524, 19-21 Jan, New York
NN Contemporary Art Biennial  Exhibition 13 January-17 March, Northampton


ALARM SALON Contemporary Art Auction, L'Appartement, 27-30 November, Moscow
Et, Tu,  Arte Brute? Andrew Edlin Gallery, 17 Nov-28 Jan, New York 
Virtuality Mortality, XAP group show, Ugly Duck Project Gallery, 14-15 Oct, London
The Big Picture, Drawing Art Project, Vancouver, Canada
Stewarts Art Law Secret 2017, Royal College of Art, London
As It Stands: Unrefined, Muted, Abandoned, 6-23 July, Hundred Years Gallery, London
RCA MA Degree Show, Dyson Building, Battersea, 23.06-02.07, London
#Supercommunity curated by M.Ganzinotti, N.Skobeeva. Dyson Gallery, Royal College of Art 19-22.05, London
'Surrogate Twins', RCA Kensington Painting Project space 31.03-10.04, London
'Biophilia II' ,  KI Europe 27 March-20 September, London
'Time Cures, Time Kills', collaboration with Eileen Anderson, window187, London
Khojaly Peace Prize for Art 2017, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, 22 Feb
The Green Week Morning Glory, collaboration with Greg Pepper, the RCA innovation design & the Imperial College, Installation, the RCA Kensington Art Bar space, 21 Feb-15 March, London
Postcards from the Edge 2017, VISUAL AIDS, Metro Pictures, 13-15 January, New York


FRIEZE LONDON, Series performances activating Martha's Araujo works, L1 space Galeria pm8.  5-6 Oct , London
THE RUNAWAY FINGERS, series events, PUSHKIN HOUSE, 16, 25 Oct, London
ART LICKS Weekend,Tied live Bank side river Thames, XAP group, 1-2 Oct, London
THE RUNAWAY FINGERS, PUSHKIN HOUSE, London 28 Sep -13 Nov 2016, London
HIX AWARD 2016 Exhibition, UNITLondon gallery, Soho, 25 Aug - 9 Sept 2016 
MANIFESTA 11 - hydra-hands man, a non-singing-opera, performance, Cabaret VOLTAIRE, Zurich, 23 July, Zurich
Tied, live XAP group, Satellite programme, Whitstable Biennale, 11 June 2016
Daylight Saving, Geddes Gallery, XAP group show, 25-29 May 2016, London
Stewart Law RCA Secret 2016, RCA, 8-15 April 2016, London
Stewart Law RCA Secret 2016, ART DUBAI, 16-19 March 2016, Dubai
WIP Painting Show, RCA Sackler Building, London
Chemcraft, or love of Chemistry, Espacio Gallery, London
Places and Faces, Collection Red, London
The Other Garden, Nancy Victor Gallery, London
Best Of West, The London Collection, Westfields, London
Performative Painting, Windsor Music Festival, Windsor
Psychotropic House, XAP group Guest Project at Yinka Shonibare's Project Space
House Of Beauty, Salon Artistocrat, Cock & Bull Gallery, London
Artists' Zoo, Live project West Ealing, London
Dirty Linen, XAP group show, Curious Duke Gallery, London
Museums At Night, London Canal Museum, London
Summer show, Candid Art Trust, London
There Is No Plan, BA Fine Art BA degree show Central Saint Martins, London
Politics and Power, London College of Communication, London
In Response to Pino Pascali's work, CSM show, the Camden Arts Centre, London
Subtle, The Wayward Gallery, London
In The RAW, The Mill Co Project, Viner street, London
In response, Ealing Art centre, London
People & Portraiture , Oxford House, London
The 5th, Central Saint Martins UAL, Charring Cross Road, London
Valentines Mansion, Reading, London
The Moon Pulse, CSM show, Trinity Bay Wharf, London
Woman's Work, Lincoln University, Hull
Figurative, Beverly Art Gallery, Beverly
Open shows, The Ferens Art Gallery, East Riding Yorkshire
Ten at RED, Red gallery, Hull

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